“Confidence comes from winning, winning comes from skills, skills come from knowledge and repetition.”

- Jim Moortgat

Bio-Mechanical Video Analysis

/br> Strokes 1. Serve, 2. Forehand, 3. Backhand, 4. Underspin Backhand (Slice) 5. Forehand Volley, 6. Backhand Volley, 7. Overhead Smash
(Refer to the Biomechanical video analysis page for further details).
Record your video in 4 different angles and send it over to us. We will Analyze & Identify the Inefficiencies in your Tennis Strokes & send a detailed Biomechanical Video Analysis Report along with corrective methodologies.

Tennis Analytics

  • Technical, Tactical, Mental, Psychological & Physical fitness Analysis..
  • Tournament Match Review
  • Analytical, Statistical & Strategical Match Performance Report.
  • Player Performance Analysis & Improvement..

  • Record your Matchplay video from behind the Court and send it over to us. We will Analyze & send a detailed Analytical Report as to which areas the player needs to work on to get better in the game.

Theoretical Tennis modules / Mental game of Tennis /
Intellectual Tennis Coaching.

Schedule a Private / Group Session to understand the Inner Game of Tennis. (Refer to the Intellectual Tennis Modules page for further details).
• Theoretical Tennis Sessions, Modules, Lessons, Talks etc.
• Weekly Webinars, Seminars, PPT’s etc. (Knowledge transfer sessions)
• All the In-depth concepts related to Tennis will be taught.
• Consultation - Private & Group Sessions.

Live & Interactive Online Tennis Coaching.

Schedule a private online Tennis lesson (on-court / off-court)

Live & Interactive online Fitness Coaching.

Schedule a private online Fitness session (on-court / off-court)

Equipment/Gadgets required:


“Success is a series of making the right choices, put forth maximum effort, million repetitions and survive all the setbacks and adversities.”- Jim Moortgat


“Practice not until you get it right, but until you can’t go wrong.”